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Green World Herbs Toothpaste

Green World Herbs Toothpaste

Let’s all use Green World Herbs Toothpaste as you see other toothpaste are now added wrong Chemicals!!!

Do you know that you can be paid for brushing your teeth?
You and your 34 friends start using Green world toothpaste on monthly basis then receive R630.00 every month. If your friends share the same principle they also enjoy R630.00 for brushing their teeth every month. For them to make money on brushing their teeth they must pay a once off membership fee of R120.00
Your smile starts from your teeth. Every business is accelerated by a clean smileā€¦
Join us on making money by brushing your teeth.


Particole Sorbitol, Water, Silica, Sodium Laurite Sulfate, Fiber, Silica Particles, Xylitol, Mint, Honeysuckle, Radix Isatidis, Sodium Saccharin, Trisodium Fostat, Ci 42 090, Sodium Benzoate.

Benefits And Benefits:

Stops Gums Berdasarh, Repairing Oral Cavity, Fix Swelling Of Swollen Gums, Eliminate Bad Breath, Prevent Gingivitis, Seizures And Other Oral Diseases.
This Herbal Toothpaste Is Very Safe To Use By Siapapn From All Walks Of Life, From Children To Adults. Because Green World Herbs Toothpaste Is Made With 100% Natural Ingredients In The Absence Of A Mixture Of Chemicals, Such As Harmful Fluoride For Health.

How To Use:

Use Herbs Fluoride To Brush Your Teeth 2-3 Times A Day For 1 To 3 Minutes At A Time.
If Injured In The Oral Cavity Can Rinse With This Herbs Paste For 2 To 3 Minutes.
For Children, Use As Much As Peanut Seeds

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